Well, it’s been a productive day. I got cracking with the editing of The Space Watch at about 9ish this morning and cracked out the last few chapters and sent it off to Owen, then realised I forgot to put a detail in, but we’ll get that on the continuity pass through. I am considering this as being done! We’ve literally just got to go through a couple of small details and that’s it. The only thing I’ve got to do after that is go through and make notes of any details in the story that I need to add into a story bible at a later date.

Once I’d got The Space Watch done I cracked on with Beta reader notes on a short story that I’ve written. I even came up with a title for it, which I hope is as good as I think it is.

Then once I’d wrapped that up I started to put together the Scrivener file for my next novel. I’ve got the character profiles done and will start on the breakdown of the chapters and scenes on Tuesday (I’m off to the cinema tomorrow evening). I was hoping to have started writing this new story in the next couple of days but I still need to do some work on the file before I start writing. My primary Beta readers offered to have a look at the outline for me, and they had a good couple of points and liked it overall. This is a story that I’ve had in mind for a few years, have attempted to write it once or twice but have never been able to get more than a few hundred words done. But a good few months ago I had an idea for how I want the tone of the story to be. So I’m hopeful and excited that I’ve got it right this time.

It’ll be nice to be working on some new fiction again.

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