Good Morning, Saturday -3/6/17

I’m just going to write a quick post this morning. This week has almost flashed by, but I have made a lot of progress with this final edit of The Space Watch. I’ve been getting up early and working on it before work, and had built up a little momentum till this morning. Yesterday I got three or four chapters done which only leaves me with three chapters to go. I had planned to get into it last night but after I’d gone to the hairdressers, done a little shopping, had got home and had a bath and dinner it was pushing nine o’clock. I’ve got friends over tonight for a Mario Kart night so I won’t get anything done tonight. I am planning on smashing through those last few chapters tomorrow though.

I have had some good feedback on a story I’ve written for a anthology I’m planning to submit to next month. I’m going to get those tweaks done tomorrow as well. I had my primary Beta readers look over an outline for a zombie story as well. They gave me some good feedback on that as well, which was handy. I’m seriously considering starting on that in the next few days. I do have another anthology on my radar I’d love to submit to, but I’m still struggling with an idea for it. I might have a look over the guidelines again tomorrow and see if anything shakes loose.

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