Sunday 24th September 2017

This week I’ve only written 2750 words. I had a really bad nights sleep last Saturday and I’ve felt like I’ve been running empty for the best part of the week. It wasn’t until Thursday that I actually sat down of an evening and did some writing. Previous to that I had been writing during my lunch breaks but that was it. On Thursday I did reach an end point in the WIP. As I’ve written in my previous post I’ve reached the end of the linear story and now I’ve got to focus on the flashback scenes I want to write. I’m going to crack on with that a little today, but I’m not sure how much I’ll do as I’m a tad drained from a busy week. With work, an 18th Birthday party Friday and EGX yesterday I am wiped out!

Just a quick run down of what I’m planning to do next with the WIP is I’m going to read through what I’ve written, and make notes on the flashbacks that I want/need to write. I don’t know how much of the story I want to be flashbacks, but I need them to explain elements of the characters to the reader. I’ve also got a lot of details that I need to note down for when I come to typing the story up and keeping track of all the little details that may get forgotten.

My original plan was to have this be the first part of a trilogy, but I think I may end up making it into one book. Simply because at the moment I doubt its much more than 20k words. I think it would work as one book, but part of the next stage of the process I’m trying to develop is finding where I need to add meat to the bones. When I’m writing a first draft I can be a little negligent on some of the details and world building. Sometimes a little vagueness is good, it lets the reader’s imagination run, but other times it’s lazy and the reader needs a little more detail to fuel their imagination. So I’m going to see how it goes from here to see what sort of word count this first part ends up with. I’m not going to pad it out to hit a word count target, the story will be the length it needs to be. But if each part of the story reaches a certain word count then it will be a trilogy, if not it’ll be one book.

Right, that’s all for now. I’m going to go out and clean the hen house out and then get some pages read.

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