Thursday 21st September 2017

Tonight I pretty much hit the end point of the WIP I’ve been working on, the linear end point. I’m planning on adding a number of flashbacks to the story, but before I write those I’m going to do a read through and make a tonne of notes and see what parts feel weak and the little details I want to add in, and most importantly what I want to write in the flashbacks. I’m not going to start those though until I’ve gone through the draft so far and see what additional ideas I come up with.

At the moment the story is about twenty thousand words and I keep thinking it’s a damn sight shorter than I thought it would be. But there are these flashbacks to add, although I don’t know how many of them I’ll end up writing. There will be a lot of detail to add, like a lot of my work it feels like I’ve just written the bare bones of the story, and I need to go back and add the meat. It’s something I’m embracing and figure the more I write (and finish things) the more I’ll end up putting into the story on that first draft. Something I’ve realised with this story is this draft so far I’ve been introduced to the characters and got to know a little about them, and with the second draft I’ll begin to get under their skin a lot more.

It has been a slower week for writing, but I’m happy with what I’ve managed to get down.

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