11th of November 2018

I’ve only written 586 words today, but I like what I’ve done.

Something I’ve got to do is not be so rigid in writing scenes in order. Today is a fine example of that. I had an idea of a scene that I’ll be adding in in a scene or two, so I wrote a few lines of it so when I get to it I’ve got an idea of what direction I was going in with it. What I should really have done is just write the scene that was talking to me the loudest and then connect it all up later. It has helped wrap the current scene up though as I know where I’m going in the next few parts of the story. I know where this character is going and what her endgame is, but getting there was feeling a little dull. Hopefully this will give it a bit of spice it needs.

I’m at my last Write-In of the year tomorrow which I’m looking forward to. I’m not expecting to write much but I’ll try.

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