8th of August 2019

Good evening all. I have done next to no writing this week at all. It’s been a bit of a hectic week, which means I’ve had a little time to think. The vampire book is bogging me down. I get rolling a little with it, but then I get stuck in it. I’m more stuck than I am moving with it. So, I’m shelving it. I’ve realised that anything longer than a short story of novelette then I need to think it out more and have more of a plan in place than I have done in the past.

I spoke to an editor I’ve worked with before at the weekend about having a look at my zombie book. I’m going to take another pass at it, taking on board some beta reader notes, and then send it to her.

I have started work on another project (I know). It’s one I’ve been playing with for some time, lots of thoughts about setting but not much about characters or stories I want to tell. So I’m going to cannibalise a story I wrote for an anthology a couple of years ago that never happened and merge it into a little piece I’ve been working on over the last couple of weeks. I’ve got a lot of work to do with it, but this setting now has a story to it, with a character at the heart of it that I think will work.

Right, I’m wiped out so I’m going to chill out with an episode of Orange is the New Black and then, sleep!

2 thoughts on “8th of August 2019

  1. Too bad you had to shelve the vampire book. I can relate. I’m up to my ears in edits/rewrite of a haunted house story. It’s daunting, and I’ve thought several times about shelving it except now I think I can age one of the characters and then rewrite the first act for the umpteemth time.


    • I think I just need to plan some more of it out and figure out exactly what’s working and what isn’t.
      I hope the character ageing works for your haunted house piece 🙂


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