Wiped Out

This week has been a loss when it comes to writing. Partly because I was a little demoralised when I realised that Earth, After Liberation wasn’t going how I wanted it to go and also work has knocked me out this week. I mean it has really wiped the life outta me. I consider myself a hard worker and my job is demanding on my energy but this week has been really busy. My day job is as a car cleaner at a second hand car sales and a big part of my job is valeting knew stock and in the last three days I think I’ve valeted five cars, six in you include the one I started this evening. As well as that one I’ve got another one to do as well. The aim is to get them done by the weekend.

Obviously being busy means I’ve had to up my work rate to get the job done and this is what’s wiped me out this week. With writing things will be a bit more of a slower pace as I’m proof reading Earth, After Liberation. I have a very clear picture in my head of what I need to do to fix the story now and I’m kinda itching to get stuck into it again, and this is why I’m writing this post, because I haven’t got stuck into it tonight like I was planning too. I got home and am just feeling very tired and my focus is not all that. So I’ve faffed about on social media and watched some Futurama.

Making A Cut

Yesterday I was talking about how I wasn’t happy with how my WIP (Earth, After Liberation) was going  and one of the things I was talking about doing was cutting the story short. At the moment we have a big escape in the story and this would make a really good place to end the novel. It’s a very natural place to bring it to an end, and what I’ve written after that can go towards the next book in the series.

That’s what I’ve decided to do, cut that part of the story and focus on tidying up all of the writing before that. I think it’ll be about 10,000 words cut off this one, which’ll take it down to about 35,000 words (25,000 short of my original target) and I’m planning to add a few pieces to the story. Even before I wrote yesterday’s post i’d decided to change a major part of the protagonists life and I don’t think the story is edgy enough. I’d like to add a little more depth to the characters as well. Thinking back to what I’ve written already it’s very sparse in places. It needs some realism as well I think.

This will have repercussions for the second book, which I wrote for NaNo last year, but I’ll cross that bridge later. I don’t think this will mean too many changes in book two, well except that book two will become book three.

I’ll be starting the red-pen read through tomorrow.

Taking A Breath: WIP Off Target

Despite over a thousand words of Earth, After Liberation on Sunday I’m really not happy with how its going. I’m trying to figure out whether I should stop the story about 10,000 words ago when there’s a big change in the lives of the protagonists. This is where the story changes a little as well, and this is where I’m having the problems. I can’t seem to get the tone right or how to get to the end of the story smoothly, at the moment it’s feeling very clunky.
I’ve not done any work on it for the last couple of days, partially because I’ve been a little unwell and partially because I’ve wanted to think over where I want to take the story. I’ve made one decision about one of the storylines but I’m really not sure what I want to do with the rest of the story. I’ve got an arc I’d like to follow but it’s not feeling right at the moment. I was thinking about cutting back to the point I mentioned earlier where I’d scrap maybe the last 8-10,000 words, okay not scrap but take them out of this story.
I’m not going to do it yet though. I’m going to print off what I’ve written so far and look through it and see if I can get myself back on track. This’ll also let me work out where I need to make the tweaks or the other story change I’ve already decided to make.

I’m hoping that reading through what I’ve got will help me find out how to connect where I am now and where I want the story to end.

Good Evening Sunday

I’ve managed 2652 words today on Project Apollo and Earth, After Liberation. I really enjoyed doing the sample that Owen asked for from Project Apollo as it was something different than I’m used to writing. It has also served to do a little world building and character history, and even if it doesn’t make the cut then it’s helped in those respects.

I was also very happy with what I managed to do with Earth, After Liberation too.

That is me done for the day now though. I’m going to watch the second half of the Arsenal Vs Manchester City game and then watch Futurama series six.

Have a good evening everyone 🙂

Good Morning Sunday

Here’s just a quick little post to start the day. I’m aiming to have a good days work today. Arsenal kick-off at about 4pm so I’m going to try and see how much I can get done between now and then.

I’m going to be working on both Earth, After Liberation and Project Apollo. I’m not starting the 1st draft of the Apollo re-write but I’ve had an idea floating around my head for a few weeks now and Owen likes the idea, but would like to see how it’s executed. So I had a play around with it last night and will do some more on it today and then get it sent out to him.

I’m hoping that doing this sample for Owen helps with Earth, After Liberation because I feel like I’m loosing a little momentum with it a bit and I’m wondering if its because I’ve been working on this, and it’s sequel, for about five months now. Maybe I’m a little board with it.

But anyway, I’m off to start working and I’ll check back in later with an update of how much I’ve done 🙂

My Saturday Night

I remember when Saturday nights meant I was off out clubbing till the early hours of Sunday morning. Not so much now, although I am planning on having a few nights out during the year I don’t expect to be stepping into many nightclubs. Pubs, thats more likely. Tonight though, I’m watching Pacific Rim and I’ll be watching Cloud Atlas later on. I’m working on a couple of writing bits too. Nothing from Earth, After Liberation tonight though. A couple little bits that Owen wants to see for Project Apollo.

I’ve already dropped behind my 1000 words a day target, but it gets back to being realistic; I work full time, we’ve had a busy end of the week (a good end of the week, but busy), so I have to weigh up whether I want to get a few hours where I’m not as heavy on the writing so my mind can breath a little or do I want to go hammer and tongs and try to thrash out some words tonight? I decided on the having a breather part. I’m planning on getting an early start tomorrow so hopefully I’ll get a good start to the day and have a productive day.
I tried to do the same last week but life got in the way. So tomorrow I’ll hopefully be up and writing by 8, 8:30am and hopefully by about 4pm I’ll have caught up to where I should be for the month (I’m about 3000 words behind).

Update 15-1-15

Last night I had a break from fiction writing. Instead I wrote and posted two blog posts and began to write a third post as well. I just needed a night where I flaked out on my bed and worked on my iPad. It was nice and relaxed and I feel like I got a lot done.

Tonight I got back into Earth, After Liberation and knocked out 1200 words, despite interruptions (tomorrow I may activate Airplane mode).

I’m doing a 1000 words in a 100 days challenge and at the moment I’m behind by about 1200 words, so I’m planning on getting caught up over the weekend and hopefully getting ahead a little too. I also don’t think this story will end up as a 60,000 word book. I’m at 46,500 words at the moment and I’ve got a feeling there’s at least a good 25-30,000 words of story to get through to the conclusion. So maybe having this done by February 1st is being optimistic.

Looking To 2015

I’ll just mention my words from the last two days. Yesterday I managed 933 but it was a struggle, today I’ve gotten 1321 words done and it felt a lot easier and much lees of a struggle.

Now, to what I’d like to achieve this coming year. I think my first priority is to get Earth, After Liberation and it’s sequel, Oppression, finished. I’m 33,000 words into the Earth, After Liberation re-write. I’d like to say I’m half-way through it but my 60,000 word target is a soft one and very flexible as the story will be as long as it needs to be. With Oppression I’ve all but decided to re-write it as well. I think it’s pretty good but I’m going to need to change a lot so it fits into the world I’m building with Earth, After Liberation. I could go and retro-fit it all but I’ve tried to do that before and it really doesn’t work for me, I’m finding re-writing is a much more efficient way for me to work. Now, depending on how the second book comes out in the re-write will decide on whether I make this into a trilogy or not. That was my original plan but as I was trying to get words for the 50k that is NaNoWriMo I found the story came to an end. Now if I can work the re-write out so that I have between 45,000-60,000 words without wrapping up the details then I’ll look to write a third, and final book that focuses on these core characters. I’ll only do that though if I have enough story for a third book, I’m not going to write three books with these characters just so I can say it’s a trilogy.

Earth, After Liberation should hopefully be done by February, hopefully. Then I’m tempted to jump straight into the re-write of Oppression. Owen and I were hoping to start the re-write of Project Apollo on February 1st but I’ve got a feeling that may not be a realistic ambition. Apollo is a big and complicated story and I’m not sure we can outline two thirds of the story in a month.

Owen and I have talked about more stories in this universe and I think we’ll be writing a few synopsis’ for these so we can make sure they tie in together when and where we need them too.

Another goal for the early part of this year is to get my vampire collection tidied up. I’ve had one Beta Reader’s notes back. Another is still looking at it, and i have one other person I really want to look at it, but they’ve just moved house and got their hands full getting settled in. I’ve got a date in mind that I want to release it, but again, thats a soft target. This collection has been five years in the making, holding it off a little longer isn’t going to make much difference to the book.

Brainstorming of The Residents is pretty thorough at the moment, and I think the next stage will be to start working on a timeline. There’s a few things that we’re waiting to sort out before that, but the story is looking pretty good 😉 I’d like to write more about what we’ve got planned, but that’ll be spoiling it 😛

I’ve got a zombie novella that I’d like to write this year as well. I’m thinking it’ll be about 30,000 word or so. I’ll write that for NaNoWriMo if I don’t write that third book I mentioned earlier in the post. The zombie story is roughly thought out but needs outlining and character work. The story is quite simply but the rest of the setting needs building up some before I make a start. If I don’t write it for NaNo I’ll try and squeeze it in at some stage.

Getting a few short stories written and submitted is also a goal for the year, but those will be more of a back burner item. I want to focus on getting some longer pieces completed.

There it is, my rough goals for the year. I deliberately didn’t mention much about publications. I am hoping to have my vampire collection out this year, I’d like to think Earth, After Liberation and Oppression will be close to being ready too, but I’ve made promises to self-publish before now and I’ve failed in those promises. Before I even think about announcing any dates, I’m going to have the story in mind edited, cover art done and formatted. So I’m not rushing to get everything together in a time frame.

Not As Productive As I’d Hoped

Today wasn’t as productive as I’d hoped. The shed is still standing and I only got a 1000 words written. I did get some good brainstorming done for the novella I’d like to write next year and I’ve printed off this years NaNo novel. I’m thinking I’ll need to re-write it like I’m having to do with Earth, After Liberation but it’s making the stories stronger so in that respect it’s worth the effort. I’m going to be reading through it in the next week or two to see how it shapes up and whether I will have to re-write it or not.

The 1000 words I wrote today mean that I’ve passed my 30,000 words for the month target 🙂

Finding The Right Balance

As I was writing a general update post I talked about finding a balance between writing and editing, primarily on different projects. To give you an idea of where I’m going to be by the end of January (2015) I have my vampire collection waiting to be edited. I’ll have the Earth, After Liberation re-write to edit and possibly Oppression (Earth, After Liberation’s sequel) to edit, although I’m tempted to re-write that one as well, but that depends on how I feel it reads when I read it in January.
So I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to be able to balance between writing new fiction and editing the first drafts that I’ve got done. Owen and I are hoping to be ready to start on the Project Apollo re-write in the early part of next year and that first draft I’ll want to have done within three months of starting the re-write, but I want to edit other work as well at the same time.
I’d like to be able to balance the two but I don’t want to write one day and edit another as I think that’ll affect my writing momentum. One way that I think may work well is to edit at weekends. I can get my minimum done and then start editing. I may even be able to do this of a weeknight as well.

If anyone has had this problem and found a solution that you found helpful please feel free to share:)