NaNoWriMo : Day 9

Okay, so I got stuck.  Really, really stuck. I couldn’t see where my little story was going and I just couldn’t navigate myself away from a dead-end that I was heading into.  That was friday that happened and over the weekend I think that I wrote about 300 words in three days.  Monday I was at a Red Hot Chilli Peppers concert at the O2 and yesterday I was shattered so today has been the first time that I have really put any thought into how I am going to get out of this dead-end I was at and then just before I turned on the laptop it hit me! How did my main character get to my opening sentence? and POW! Ideas started to flood my mind again!  All of them stemmed from the idea of taking the first sentence of my story and asking myself how the character got there?

1408 Words Later


So it’s worked really quite well.  I’ve added a lot of words and started the story from a natural starting point which is already feeling a little more natural.  I may have to tweak what I’ve written already but not by much and that can be done at a later date.  For now it feels like I’ve found my thread again and I now have somewhere to work to and it will solve the problem that I had last week when I hit my dead-end.  im not too sure just how yet but with my writing it tend to reveal itself as I go.


I’m off to bed so I’m fresh to crack on tomorrow, I need to get back on top of my word count. Night Y’all


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