This Week’s Update

Okay, so I am still having more than a little trouble getting anything written at the moment, but I know its down to fatigue.  So while I’m hitting this big brick wall of writers block I am going to decorate my room.  I’ll be going for a lighter colour to my walls and get rid of this dark red I have (Dont Ask lol)  So I’m hoping it’ll lighten the room up a little and be a more calming environment.  I don’t think it will help ease my writer’s block, as I’ve said that’s more fatigue, but It’ll make a nice change.  The only downside to decorating is that I will have to clear out my room so I can get to the walls! It’s a small room with lots of furniture.

I’ve also actually brought a few books in the last week.  Thanks to a very good friend who gave me an Amazon Gift Voucher I was able to buy Old Man’s War by John Scalzi, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and Salvations Reach by the one and only Dan Abnett.  So once I’ve finished ESTRA Corp. by Christopher Stocking I have three more books to try to choose between reading.

One thing that is making me feel calm about this writers block is that I am still having ideas, albeit little, world building ideas, but ideas all the same.  So I know that there is still that creative spark within me and once I have my little week off in June I am sure I’ll be firing on all cylinders once more.

5 thoughts on “This Week’s Update

  1. Sometimes I have found redecorating inspiring at the same time as relaxing. Good idea. Another idea to try to deal with the writer’s block is changing the place where you write. I do it sometimes. But if you are having ideas, that’s fantastic. Keep on reading and one day everything will fall into the right place and you will write a lot of words in no time 😀


    • Hey baby sis, i’m still a little shocked that you read my blog lol I can recommend some books for you to read once youve finsihed the third one lol. Ans did you know you could use your WordPress account to comment on here?


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