This Week’s Targets

Mainly this week I’m aiming to knock out as much of this story as I am able to do.  I’m not going for a daily or weekly word count at the moment I’m just going to write, okay that’s a little bit of a lie.  I’d like to at least write five hundred words a day.  Originally I thought I’d be adding about five thousand words to the last draft but I’m actually rewriting the majority of the text.  The core story is still the same but we’ve changed it from a comedic story to a serious one so a lot of build up work for jokes has had to be scrapped (I can hear Owen crying 17 miles away as I write that, he put a lot into those jokes)  With that change I’m not sure what the rough length will be.  There will be a whole new sequence in the middle of the story as well as an addition to the end of it too.  So there’s a lot of work to do in the next couple of weeks.

I got my copy of Scott Sigler’s The MVP today.  If you havent at least checked out Mr Sigler here’s a good time to do so @

Now that I’ve got this book I really need to finish reading Fahrenheit 451 so I can dive into it.  J.J. Harkin’s Angels Of the Apocalypse will have to wait till I’ve read this one, Sorry J.J.

My friend Cinta Garcia has a new shiny website up and running so if you have a few minutes to have a little look around I know that she will be grateful @!home/mainPage

While I’m here I’d just like to point people to my Facebook page where you can ‘Like’ me(Not many of my actual friends have liked me yet 😥 lol ) and there is also a link to my Twitter account.  Both are to the right of your screen >>>>>>>>>>>>

Just Look at that cover!

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