NaNoWriMo Just Got Real

I’ve just been over to the NaNoWriMo site to have a little look around and I saw that we could enter our novel details in now so I’ve done that and committed to the story I want to write this year. I am still keeping my expectations low for hitting the 50k because of Project Delphi still being in post production, to coin a movie phrase.

Delphi is a day behind now because I’ve had an irritating day. I’ve not been too well and have had to try and deal with something unexpected which cropped up, that meant I spent 50 minutes on the phone this evening. So unfortunately that had to take precedence and Delphi had to be put off a night. What I am tempted to do is try and knock out the last twenty or so pages I still have to do tomorrow night so that way I will still be on target.

So my plan for the week got to Tuesday before it hit its first roadblock but I’ll be back on track tomorrow 🙂


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