Today’s Update

I’ve been away at Tracie’s sisters this weekend for her birthday but I took a pen and paper pad, just in case I had a quiet five minutes and I found some early notes and snippets of Project Apollo.  These are bits that I was playing around with a few months ago to see how plot lines works, and how characters felt.  I found a couple of bits and pieces which will fit in quite well into how Project Apollo is looking now.  As I have said before we’ve taken a totally new approach to this story.  It is no longer a comedy but a serious story, so a lot had to change so much of what I wrote was not of any use but some is and there are a few other things that I want to transfer from when Project Apollo was a comedy, but we’ll have to see.

I really need to work on my sub-plots as well.  I’m burning my way through this story far too quickly and I think that is because I am not putting in any of the secondary storylines so I’m going to go back and work on adding in some of these sub-plots and character stories that should create some depth to the characters.  I know them, and Owen has also reminded me of a story thread (which is very important) that I have missed out.

Tomorrow I’ll be back into getting the story rolling again 🙂




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