Pantser To Plotter

I’ve always considered myself a pantser, or organic, or discovery writer.  It’s something that I’ve always thought was part of my artistic flair.  It does not work for me though.  I start off at a sprint, then ease off a little and then just sit by the side of the track and try to prevent a severe asthma attack.  I did a little planning for NaNo this year and those early parts that I did have notes written down for were a lot easier to write then the later parts that I was writing by the seat of my pants.

In the next year or so a lot of my writing related work will be editing and tidying up stories that are already completed so I will not be doing much new writing.  So I am going to try to perfect planning these stories that are playing out in my head.  I do not want to lose these ideas because I am not writing so writing it all down and working on the planning over time will hopefully put the story firmer in my head then now and my ability to write all my thoughts down and put them into a cohesive plan will grow over time.

This is something that I have to learn to do to become better at creating these stories and finishing them.  So often i will have an idea and just start writing and after a few thousand words I lose all my momentum or I have a better idea of where to take the story and I lose interest because I don’t want to go back and delete much of the work and all but start again.

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