A Look Ahead

This week is going to be a bad one for writing.  Christmas is now only a week away and I have presents to wrap, cards to write out and general bits and pieces to do, don’t we all?  So this week I am aiming to get my read through of Avoiding The Game done and get some bullet points written up of what I need to do.  At the moment it is very much the bare bones of the story and there is a lot I want to add which will build the story.  It started off as a story where we followed one person as he made a home for himself thinking he was the only man alive.  It’s altered a lot and the more that I have thought about it the more I want to add.  The most annoying thing as well is I am having a lot of good ideas on another story.  We still have Project Apollo and The Space Watch (Project Delphi) to wrap up.  Apollo is further off at the moment, and my Vampire series………damn a lot of things to get done.  This is why I do not plan on getting much fresh fiction started in the next few months, okay year.

I’ll admit not much writing related work is getting done at the moment.  I have real world things that have come up which kind of knocked me off my pace for longer then I realised.  The gears are turning in my head though, just need to get that discipline back.

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