A Post About Collaboration

As some of you may know a lot of my writing I do is with my long time friend Owen. Now we are no the most efficient writing team ever but we’re working on that.

Once in a while I’ve been asked how we go about writing, now as I said we’re not that efficient but we are working on that. How we do things at the moment is one of us will write something and then the other will go through it before its either re-written or edited. This is a real pain in the backside way of doing things. Far too much time is wasted Re-writing so what we are trying to do now is when we have an idea is to write a synopsis of it, maybe with a few lines of the actual story in it too. We’re hoping this will help thrash out the ideas and work through the plot and character details as well as universe before we start the actual writing process.

The prime example of needing to change our process is our story The Space Watch(Project Delphi). Owen wrote a first draft, but we changed the style of the story, going from an all out comedy to a serious story with comedic elements. So when I looked at it I had to make these changes too as well as sorting out the elements of the story, characters and universe to make it all work.
Now since then we have made more changes to the wider universe so we’ll need to go back and tweak those elements too. This means we’ve made ourselves a lot of hard work. We had planned to get The Space Watch out at the start of this year and I’m actually glad that we did not because the universe that we are creating is quite big and complicated and we would have written ourselves into a corner too much if we had of thrown it out there. Since the start of the year me and Owen have talked a lot and the universe has benefitted from that.

We were planning to get at least one story out this year but I fear we won’t but if that means when we do get the work out then I think it will be stronger which means it’ll be worth the wait.

I started off talking about writing with a partner, and I’ve digressed, not done that for a while lol but here’s the link to the blog post that made me think of the topic


Please have a read if the post because it is a very interesting post.

2 thoughts on “A Post About Collaboration

  1. I’ve co-written a couple of books with a friend and, as she is a much more experienced writer, found the experience very useful. I think it helps if you can discuss things freely but have one person have the final say.


    • I think that is what I find the most useful part of the collaboration process, being able to bounce the ideas off of each other. Me and Owen are both inexperienced writers which dosent help too much but we’re getting there. I think I tend to have the final say, although it is after a lot of discussion.


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