Making Progress

The last few days I have managed to get some progress made. I’ve got the Project Apollo outline done, and off to Owen. he’s going to be reading through it in the next few days. This left me in a little limbo, Project Apollo is the next big project to be getting done. It’s being put together and the whole story is quite clear in my mind now. As I’m resigned to waiting on Owen to get back to me I looked at the notes that one of my fabulous Beta readers had given me on a story a good eighteen months ago. I had made a few alterations to the story that another one of my beta readers had suggested but now I’ve been through and made a few changes to her suggestions. Tomorrow I’m planning on going through and doing an out loud read and see how it sounds. Then it’ll be all but wrapped up.

It’s a 9000 word story so I’ll have to decide whether to publish it myself or submit it to magazines etc. I might give the submitting a go and see how it goes.

I’m itching to get writing though, I know Apollo will be something to be working on soon and we still have about 70% of it to write so that will be writing but it could be a couple of weeks yet. I have a good half a dozen stories that need attention in the form of editing. I’m doing a little planning for my NaNoWriMo novel for November as well but I want to be writing new content. I’ve not written anything new since November and I think I’m getting withdraw about it. I might have to knock out a short story while I’m waiting for Owen to get back to me.

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