Book Review: World War Z

Okay so it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these where its not just s couple of lines in a bigger post, lets see how much of a pigs ear I make of it! Lol

World War Z was not what I expected at all, if fact I not sure I know what I expected. This book by Max Brooks has a man who works for the U.N. going across the world collecting stories from some of the many people who survived the Zombie war. From speaking to a doctor who recorded an early case to the deep sea divers who are searching the oceans for the zombies down there. Each story is very different.

My friend Mike had said to me the night before I started listening to it (I’ve got the audiobook) that he had started reading it but put it down because he couldn’t get along with it. I can see what he means. If I had it as a an actual book and not audio then I think I would have given up with it. It started off very slowly, and the format was off putting at first. It’s really a collection of short stories as opposed to a normal book with a start, middle and end. It got better though. It was fascinating to see how the world fell to pieces and got put back together. Brooks doesn’t leave anything unthought of in this book. The zombies are the kind that don’t stop, they keep going but they as not the smart ones etc. if you can think of a survival story involving zombies then its in this book. There’s the military point of view and the everyday person point of view. Governments, hired guns and each point of view comes from a different person, in a different country.

It’s a very well thought through and written book which I thoroughly enjoyed. I am a little interested in how they have put the movie together because there is no real protagonist. Personally I think a TV series would have complimented the format of the book better but we’ll have t wait and see.

Once past the slow start I well and true fully fell in love with this one 🙂

13 thoughts on “Book Review: World War Z

  1. battle of yonkers- if they do it in the movie- it will be worth the money. Buuuut by the looks of things- I reckon we are in for a real disappointment.


    • That would be awesome if they can pull it off. I am a little worried about whether it’ll be a good movie, I may be wrong but I’m sure they put off the release for a year :-/


  2. out in june here in OZ (not the emerald OZ BTW) but from what Ive seen and heard its CGI gone mad (think I am legend baddies) and the New York scenes were filmed in Glasgow ?????? I saw a clip and spotted st georges square- made me chuckle with all the yellow cabs.


      • Hey Jordanna, I promise I did not rip off your review lol. I did really enjoy it. It gave me a lot of food for thought for when I get round to my zombie stories.

        I’m even more worried about the movie now knowing they had to redo the entire ending :-/


  3. Enjoyed your take on the book.

    Personally, I enjoyed the audiobook of WWZ, because the voice acting was so good. Most books are narrated by one person all the way through – this used different actors for each voice. That said – I found two of the stories to be really amazing. The rest were alright. WWZ doesn’t expand the genre with anything new, and you’ve got to dig the classic zombie genre created by Romero or it will fall flat.

    I liked it and I’m anxious for the movie, but true to form – movies are rarely as good as the book.


    • I’m new to the zombie stuff, I’ve not seen any of the Romero movies yet but I’ll be getting them over the course of the year.

      I agree, the voice acting was impressive, I think the multiple voices work here because it is a book which tells lots of stories and not just one like many books.


  4. Reblogged this on Twisted Branch Blog and commented:
    Since I have the coolest book club ever, when it was my turn to host, I chose this book. I was really looking forward to it, but sadly I had a really hard time getting in to it. As a huge fan of this genre, I was totally disappointed. Bummer.
    I actually think my husband would love this documentary style book. As for me – not a fan… I’ll stick with The Walking Dead!


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