Can I Have A Free Copy?

In the last two years I have met some amazing writers, mainly online unfortunately, but I’ve feel that I have made, or began to make some amazing friendships. One thing that I have never done is to ask for a free copy of someone’s book. Never have done, nor I will I ever. I have downloaded free copies when they have been on various promotions. I hate doing this but like many I’m having to watch the pennies at the moment.

So something I hate is when people ask me for a free copy of something I’ve written when its done, this is always from people WHO ARE NOT WRITERS! That tells me everything I need to know and the biggest thing it does is tells me that writers support each other. We buy each others work, we Like, share, re-tweet, blog, reblog and talk about our fellow writers work. Some people may do this to promote themselves or in the hope it will be reciprocated when they have a book out but I don’t and never will. I know writers whose books I will most probably never read, not because they are bad but because its not my cup of tea. I’ll still help promote their work, normally because I like and admire them on a personal level.

If I choose to give a free copy to someone that’s different. I’d do that because they’re important to me or have been very supportive in helping me achieve my dreams, but those who ask for a free copy, probably are not going to get one.


7 thoughts on “Can I Have A Free Copy?

  1. I wrote a jerks and irks post about non writers asking for free copies. It’s plenty annoying.

    Side note, I use roman numerals for those posts and that one had the word “free” in it, so I always get people finding my blog because they searched for “free xxx.” Also plenty annoying.

    • Wasn’t it someone you worked with that wanted a free copy?

      And as I read the bit about the ‘free xxx’ I almost spat my lunch out, must remember not to read your comments or posts while eating lol. I titled a post Bad Language, violence and SEX! I was talking about what people thought of them in books and once in a whole I get a search show up where someone has searched for Germany Sex. I bet there disappointed when they get my blog lol

      • Yes! It was my cooky boss. There’s also an estranged family member and my nail salon lady. Haha. If she gets a free book, I want a free pedicure, dammit!

        I’m glad you find my posts/comments so amusing! On a different note, do you think Germany sex is different somehow? Why would they be searching for that specifically? Hmm…

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