Keeping Momentum

After getting back from the cinema last night (me and a mate saw The Conjuring, awesome movie by the way) I got home and did a little bit of writing. I only got a couple of hundred words typed up but I knew I would only do a few words. I was keen to write last night even though I knew I wouldn’t get much done because I am on a bit of a role. Aside from the odd day here and there I have written every day for about three weeks now which I’m very pleased about because its becoming part of my everyday life is now writing. I know a few may think ‘Well you claim to be a writer, shouldn’t this be the case?’ No. Life happens and I haven’t perfected my process yet.

Tonight will be much of the same as I have to shoot down to see Tracie quickly and I have a hen house to clean out when I get home so that’ll only give me half an hour, maybe an hours worth of writing time tonight. I am thinking about taking my laptop to work and writing during lunch so that’ll add a few words.

This draft of Apollo has kicked my arse a bit but its been worth it.

On an unrelated note I need to tidy my desk, it looks nothing like the photo!



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