Good Morning Tuesday

Last night was the first night in quite some time that I didn’t wake up at about 5am, for this I am quite chuffed. I still feel dead tired this morning though but I know me and this is my wake up time. About the time I get to work I’ll be we’ll awake and ready to begin valeting a car we had delivered last thing last night.

Writing wise I knocked out another 1100 words on Project Apollo last night last night, although I did have to delete about 250-300 words, and that hurts. Every time that I delete a big chunk of words I feel a little ill and as I haven’t deleted any blocks of words for a while it hurt just that little bit more then it normally does. I got a little short of breath and my stomach did a bit of a flip and I had to sit for a minute and compose myself, but then I knocked out 800 words after that.

I think I would have gotten more written but I kept getting interrupted by a minor irritation. I don’t mind Tracie texting me(although if she knows I’m writing she tends to leave me alone) and the odd other text from friends but the interruptions of last night were people being blinkered and selfish. I know that’s life and it happens but last night it frustrated me more then it normally would, it was also something that I couldn’t easily ignore or put off.

When I get rolling I’m writing about 1000-1200 words a night but I would like to be getting closer to the 1500 words mark but I think with the work load at the day job at the moment that’ll be pushing myself just that bit too hard. I tired pushing myself harder but I was getting towards the end of the week and running out of steam so I’m trying to manage my time a little more sensibly. Lets see how it works out.



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