Progress Report

Thursday night I crashed and burned (again) on Project Apollo. I’m trying to focus too much attention on this one at the moment and along with work I don’t think that my body and mind can take the load of working five and a half days a week and then writing seven days a week, so what I am going to do is have Wednesdays off of writing and literally just chill out. Maybe have a night watching DVDs or reading but most definitely avoid all writing.

I was thinking about maybe doing red pen edits on some of my short fiction that needs editing but I don’t think that will be such a good idea either. I am thinking just steering clear of anything creative on Wednesday nights. Last week when I crashed and burned it was a Wednesday so I think that’s a good night to have off.

As for how far I am with Apollo, well I only have six or seven pages to type up but I’m not blown away by the ending I have written. It’s not feeling right at the moment so I am considering a re-write of some of it. At the moment it does not feel like it has anywhere near enough depth and strength to not only the story but also the actual writing is not as good as I know I can be so I’m going to look it over on Monday night and see what is worth saving and where to go from there.

Me and Tracie are off to see Owen tonight for a few drinks so hopefully he’ll bounce some ideas off on how to improve this ending.

Reading wise I’ve only made minor progress with The Drawing Of The Three but I’m putting that down to working on Apollo and the fact its the early stages of a book. Its very rare that the first hundred or so pages of a book make me turn the pages rapidly so I’m not surprised with my lack of progress.

I’ve have got a couple of pages that I would like to add to my blog here but they will take a little time to put together but I’m not willing to sacrifice writing time at the moment to work on them. I was hoping to have them done this month but at the moment that’s on the back burner.


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