Technological Speed Bumps

Tonight I was all fired up to knock out a good 1000, maybe 1200 words but as I turned on my laptop it was not responding at all. So I thought I’d do a re-start and saw two updates. Okay fair enough, fifteen minutes later it was done. I turned it back on and soon I was writing but it was freezing up on me so again I thought, lets shut down and start again. This time I saw that there were ten updates to do. Half an hour later and it’s finally letting me write, but by then the four year old laptop is far too warm in this muggy climate we have at the moment. So I had to put it in sleep mode for half an hour before I could do any writing.

I’ve managed to write for all off forty minutes tonight, out of what should have been 120 mins but I still managed to knock out almost 800 words. So I’m actually quite happy that despite the irritation I was able to get a half decent word count from the evening.The biggest downside to this all is I haven’t had time to write up a few notes for a dear friends story that I have beta read and I wasn’t able to write a blog post that wasn’t as much of a snap shot as I tend to do.

So that was my night, I hope yours wasn’t as frustrating.




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