Sunday Evening Update

I don’t know about you but I am having a pretty good weekend. Aside from the fact that me and Tracie have had a chilled out weekend, which was much needed, I’ve managed to do some writing and made some very good progress with a bit of a secret project. It’s all handwritten at the moment so I’m not writing as fast as I can if I was typing but I’m enjoying the pen and paper aspect of this one.

It’s only going to be a short story but I’m liking how its feeling at the moment and I’m writing without the sat-nav on which I haven’t done for a while which is nice and a little liberating. It feels like I’m exercising a few creative muscles that have gotten a little soft recently as well. I’m writing multiple third person point of view where I’m trying to present the story through two characters eyes which is nice and a lot less complicated then the five main characters POV I was working with on Project Apollo.
With this story I’m going to try and deal with a lot of character development but I don’t want to overfill it with characterisation, it’s a key part but I want all the aspects of story to be equally important and addressed properly.

I am probably about a third of the way through this one and I’d like to think that by the end of tomorrow (Bank holiday weekend here in the UK) I’ll be close to having a first draft done. Next week I want to focus on an out loud read through of a short story that is almost done, I just want to do this out loud read to make sure it sounds right.


Tracie took this sneaky picture as I was writing this morning.

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