Editing Frustrations

Tonight I spent a good three hours working on edits for Project Apollo. In that three hours I got maybe six or seven pages done, meaning I’m still on the chapter I was working on last night when I called it a night. To me that does not seem like a lot of work, but when I break it down it is. Last night I added about 600 words to this draft, there are a lot of gaps that need filling, but tonight it was not even a 100 words. I did delete a good 400 words though, so that means I’ve written about 500 words tonight. That’s about average for me when I’m editing. I still feel like I have not made any progress because I try not to measure progress while editing by word counts but by how many pages I have edited and six or seven is not good enough for me.

This is where I sit myself down and slap myself about for a few minutes and point out that although I’ve only edited a few pages it was a tough few pages to edit. There was a lot of paragraphs which needed re-writing, a little bit of character development was required. That did not flow out of me as easily as I would have hoped. The character in question is one I have not really put much time into and does not really hold much of the weight of the story, but she is a character which will be of use further down the line when me and Owen are working on other adventures with these characters.

A major issue I have discovered with how I am editing this came to the surface tonight as well. I have been making notes on a paper copy with a red pen and then reading through the draft on my laptop as I make the red pen alterations. On Saturday I knocked out four chapters of hard copy reading. So last night I started off with four chapters ready to go, but tonight I’ve been altering things in the story which I haven’t noted on the paper copy. Now what I was doing was getting confused. My head was telling me that I had made certain changes to Apollo when I had only made a note on the hard copy. So I’m only going to do one chapter at a time from now on. Hopefully this will not confuse my feeble brain.

As for NaNo Prep, I have read through the two attempts I have previously made at writing this story, both attempts were made with no idea of how I was going to end the story, that’s a bad habit I need to break. The exercise of reading through those two, very different, versions of this story has not changed my mind on how I have planned the story out but it’s reminded me of some of the minor little world building elements I want to include. It’s also served to convince me that this story will be best told from a first person point of view.

That’s it for now, tomorrow will hopefully be much of the same. NaNo planning is now into character development and Apollo will be cracking out the changes that as needed.



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