Making A Little Progress

I finally finished the second draft of Earth, After Liberation this week, There’s a lot of work to do to pull it up to par but I’m liking the overall story. It’s a little ropey at the moment which I’m putting down to it being a NaNoWriMo story. There’s a lot of repetition in it and its a little disjointed, but a little work and hopefully it’ll be where I want it. I’m going to print it out and do a major red penning on it and do the re-writes that are needed and then get to work on the third draft.

Next though I’m going to wrap up one of the short stories that I have crying out for attention (Okay its more like it’s bashing me about the brains) but that is going to be the overriding theme of the year for me, I have a lot of shorter pieces that just need some editing and then off to my (Awesome) Beta readers for their notes. Project Apollo is a bit more like Earth, After Liberation in that it needs a lot of work to bring it up to where Owen and I want it.

And finally The Residents, which is a collaboration with Chrystalyn Hope ( is rolling 🙂  We’ve had a couple of Skype brainstorming sessions which have really brought the story to life. It’s coming together and  the more we discus it the more exciting it gets 🙂


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