An Update

Each time I’ve written something over the last few months it has felt like I’ve been pulling teeth. The words have not been coming to me at all and this has been really troubling. I know its something that will pass but there have been times where I’ve felt like I’d lost it. Even when blogging I’ve felt like I can’t write, but with my post on Sunday, Man Of Steel, it felt like something had changed. Writing that came quite easily, don’t get me wrong it took a fair while to do it but I still got it done.

This afternoon at work I had an idea pop into my head for Project Apollo. After finding a pen (I normally have a pen with a note pad in my pocket but I’ve lost the pen, again!) I scribbled down the bullet points of what I wanted to write. I shut off my iPod for an hour as I let the idea dance around the dance floor in my head until I had a decent picture of what I wanted to do with the thoughts. Tonight when I got home I didn’t rush to my laptop and start writing, no I took it a little slower. I held my enthusiasm off as I had a bath and caught up on Facebook and Twitter. When I did start I got two hundred words in before I stopped for dinner. Then, after dinner I knocked out over nine hundred words and it was almost effortless. Again it took a couple of hours but I still got what I wanted to write done.

I really hope this is the start of me getting out of this slump. I’m off down to Owen’s Saturday to discuss Apollo so I’m hoping bouncing ideas around will help loosen the shackles that have been locked around my head. Hopefully I’ll be speaking to Chrystalyn soon again about The Residents as well. There’s also a short story I need to write which I’m looking forward to doing as its on a theme that I’m not really used to working in.

Something I am looking forward to this weekend is a write in at Bluewater on Sunday. I’m a member of writing group on Facebook and they often have meet ups at coffee shops to have a write in. I’ve been wanting to go to one for a while but time and cash have been against me. I’m a natural introvert as well which doesn’t help, but I am really looking forward to getting up to Bluewater, grabbing a large hot chocolate, meeting some other writers that I’ve been talking to here and there for a few months now and getting some words written.


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