Re-Discovering Old Work

I spent about five hours going through my collection of vampire stories yesterday and found myself realising that I have not gotten as much done with them as I had thought. Story lines haven’t been wrapped up, characters haven’t been introduced while others are still waiting for their moment to shine.
It did remind me though just how much I love these stories, I still think they are some of my best work; and no one has seen them. Aside from a friend who had a look at them when I was first writing them they pretty much have stayed hidden from the world. One of my Beta readers read the first one last year, which I’m a little embarrassed about because it had a lot of rookie mistakes in it and I wont put my Beta readers through that again.

Now that I’ve read them I’ve got to go through with a red pen and start scrapping the bad stuff and salvaging the good. I have no desire to re-write any of the ones I have complete but I do want to change some of the details and tweak the odd character. As I also now what the overall story arc is I’m going to add in a few details to tie them together a little more tighter.
when I finally let these loose into the world I’m going to, probably, put them into one collection and release it that way. All the stories will be in order then and each one can pretty much stand on its own, but as a whole, and in order I think they will be a much more enjoyable read.

This week I’m going to try and get the first of these stories red-penned as I cannot do anymore to Project Apollo until Owen and I have sat down and made sure we’re still on the right track (We’re doing that this coming Saturday) and then It’ll be back into that. Apollo and The Residents are the two priority projects at the moment, everything else will be done around them.


2 thoughts on “Re-Discovering Old Work

  1. Re-discovering old work – vampire stories… What can I tell you – I am looking forward to reading!
    Some already good stuff gets even better on revisiting.


    • Thank you 🙂 I totally agree too. It’s been a good two years since I looked at these and the ideas have been pumping away in my head so I’m keen to get cracking with them again 🙂


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