I’ve been trying to get some work done on Earth, After Liberation today but I just can’t get going on it. Instead of making changes I seem to have been just skimming through it. I think a little of this is the sheer amount of work I’ve got to do to get it into a reasonable condition which is disheartening but I think a little of it is also I’ve been doing work on Project Apollo and have spent some time on Skype talking to Chrystalyn about The Residents this week. So that’s been on my mind a fair bit too.

Although I have done some writing work this week I’m also thinking that I’ve been on holiday mode. I’m off from the day job this week so most of my thoughts are drifting to chilling out and watching movies (been to the cinema twice this week).

I’ve needed the rest if I’m honest, I’ve been feeling the fatigue of every day life recently and although I feel bad I could do with the chilling out time. (that said give it an hour and I’ll be working on something again).

Earth, After Liberation is troubling me, I know there’s a good story there but it’s a lot of work to tidy it up. I know I’ll get there but it just feels ‘Meh’ at the moment.


I’ll stop whining now 😛

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