Good Morning

Last night I managed to get the fifth chapter of Earth, After Liberation done. I had to all but re-write it but I’m a lot happier with how it is now. It actually felt good getting stuck into it last night. This last month has been a bit of a write off when it comes to writing; I’ve barely done anything and when I have done some work it’s been like pulling teeth but last night it all came much easier, more natural.
I think part of it was seeing my local Kent NaNo group getting excited for the upcoming NaNoWriMo. I’ve been quite active in it since becoming single back in March and it’s been a great little support network and I’ve met some great people the. I knew from what other members had said though that some people only go there for NaNo and I’ve noticed an uprise in people posting and joint in with comments etc. and yesterday a few of these people were talking about how excited they were getting and I think this enthusiasm rubbed off on me. I was planning to write till 9pm last night but ended up writing till about 9:30 as I wanted to get the chapter done.
I’d like to say I’m going to do a chapter a day but when I’ve set myself goals in the past like this I’ve failed miserable so I’m going to take it easy and get done what I can when I can.


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