Thinking Forward To The Next Year

I wrote yesterday about expanding a short story that is screaming at me to work on it, but I’ve got another story that keeps popping into my head asking why I’ve abandoned it. It’s Avoiding The Game, the story I wrote during my first NaNo back in 2010.
I’ve tried to re-write this one once before but it just didn’t work. That was probably two years ago and now I think I’ve got a better picture in my head of what I want the story to be, I even have an ending!

Thinking of these two stories though has had me asking questions about what I need to be focussing on in the next year. I’ve got my vampire collection out with Beta readers and I’d like to think I’ll have it out next summer but I’m not setting any hard targets for things like that, not until I have the story itself ready and art work in place.
I’m thinking, outside of the collaborations with Chrystalyn and Owen, that I want to focus on Avoiding The Game (which will be re-titled as the current title doesn’t work anymore) and Earth, After Liberation and the two other books that’ll make up its trilogy.

Unless I get an absolutely smack me in the face idea that all but writes itself I think that’s where I want to focus my attention on in the next year.

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