Using NaNo to Gain Momentum

There are more then a few writers who adore doing NaNoWriMo which  means there are writers who think its the dumbest idea on the planet. But there are also those writers who are in the middle ground who don’t do it and don’t hate it. For me I love it, but something that is always in the back of my head is that NaNoWriMo should be every month. That’s the sort of work rate that I need to be having to get all these stories in my head out into the world (okay maybe not 50k each month but I should still be working on it at the same pace throughout the year).

I’ve heard many writers talking about what they try to write in a day and the golden number for many seems to be about the 2000 word mark, which is only 300 or so words above the minimum word count to hit the 50k to ‘Win’ NaNo. Now, I know theres a lot more to writing then just hitting a word count a day. I’m reluctant to say that I will be hitting 2k words a day on a first draft, for me I think it’s more realistic to be aiming at the 1k mark for that first draft.

I’m kind of hoping that NaNo will get me in the habit of sitting down of an evening again and getting the words down on the screen again, but also so I’m in the habit of sitting at my desk and working. I’ve got to finish editing Earth, After Liberation by January and I’ve come to the conclusion that the first half of the middle of the novel will need re-writing, but if I haven’t wrapped up this years NaNo story then I’ll get that done first and then get the second draft of Earth, After Liberation done. Well thats the plan anyway.


Speaking of editing, I’d better go and do some 🙂



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