NaNoWriMo: Day 5

Last night I didn’t get to sleep till about 3am (I’ve no idea why I couldn’t sleep) which meant I only had about three, maybe three and a half hours worth of sleep. So I’ve felt a little rough today and I knew I’d have a challenge to get the words written to hit minimum for the day.
I wrote first thing, and at lunch and between these two sittings I had just over a thousand words. This I was very pleased with as it left me with just six hundred or so words to get done tonight. Once I got home and had eaten and washed the dishes and had sat down I thought I might struggle, but once I got into a couple of sprints on my local NaNo group on Facebook I was soon knocking the words out and ended the night with 2304 words for the day. This leaves me with about 13,700 words in all and having exceeded the minimum of 1667 on all but one day so far.

I feel like I’m gaining some momentum now and the story is much tidier then a lot of the other stuff I’ve written. I’m expecting to hit a speed bump soon, and when I do I’m going to try and control the hit. If I can.

On an optimistic note, I’m off work next week and I’m hoping to be near the 30k mark by the end of the week. Part of me thinks I should set that target higher but another part says I shouldn’t get too carried away with myself. I’ve not got any pressure on me at the moment so I don’t see a reason why I should add any now.


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