Tonights Words 29-12-14

A good nights work tonight. I managed to get 1446 words done. The first 500 or so were a bit of a struggle but the next 1000 or so were a lot easier. One thing that I’ve been worried about lately is that I’m just getting to the 1000 words minimum and that’s it. It’s feeling a little like a chore and there’s not enough days where I get sucked in and knock out more than the minimum like I did tonight. When that happens I think the writing is much better as well. That’s something I’m going to aim to do more in the future. I know a lot of it is environment and my personal mood, so that is something I need to try and change.

One thing I do desperately need to do is tidy up. I hate the clutter that seems to build up around me over time and I need to get it sorted. Part of the problem is paper copies of my work. I need to get some storage units for those, just so they’re tidier than they are now. The reason why I haven’t done it yet is simply I would rather be writing.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have another night like I’ve had tonight.


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