Final Word Count For 2014

162,870 words for 2014

This last year has been a mixed one for me, on many levels, and my writing productivity has been affected by the ups and downs of the past twelve months but these last couple of months it’s been its best, 88,000 words in the last two months alone. Okay one of those months was NaNoWriMo, but that’s still a lot of words in two months. That is also over half of what I wrote for the year, next year I must do better. If I’m aiming for about a 1000 words a day that will put me at over 350,000 words for the year. Now, I’m being realistic and am not expecting to hit over 350,000 words for the year. In addition to writing I’ve got editing to do, and I’ve got outlining to do as well. There is also a few synopsis I want to write for some of the collaborations that Owen and I have talked about.

Overall this year has been good for words written, but it’s been a very erratic year. A year where I didn’t really have any direction. Even after I became single again I still didn’t really have much of an idea of what I wanted to do or where I wanted to take my writing, I was just muddling through. It wasn’t until I got to thinking about NaNoWriMo that I started thinking about what I was doing.

I’d never really realised how little progress I was making until a few months ago. To learn how to write better I need to be writing consistently, even if I’ve got editing or outlining to do I still need to be trying to do those 1000 or so words a day to continue to improve not only in the quality of writing but also on how I’m structuring stories and, well every aspect of writing stories.

This year has been my most productive when it comes to words written, next year I need to up my game and stop drifting along and hoping I end up on the right path. Time to make my own path.


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