Ready, Set, GO!

Good morning all. I had last night off from the writing. Once I’d gotten home from work and sorted the henhouse out and had a bath and dinner and tidied up a little it was pushing 8pm so I decided to rest my brain a little. That does mean I’m already behind on my 1000 words a day target but hey, I’ve got time to make it up and I’m being realistic here. If I do manage to end the year with an average of 1000 words a day that’ll be something close to a personal miracle.

So today, I am gearing up to do some words. I’m writing this post to get my brain firing a little and see if it helps get those first few words written when I open up Scrivener.  I’d like to get a decent chunk of words written this morning so it leaves my afternoon open. I’ve got a few little jobs that I keep putting off that I’d like to do today (that’s not going to happen but if I say I’m going to try it makes me feel like I’m making an effort 😛 ).

That all said, I’m off to get writing. What’s everyone else up to today?

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