Struggling A Little

These last few days I’ve found really hard to get some writing done, and I think it’s because I’m still fighting off a head cold. I think with how I’m not a huge fan of the new year as well that’s knocked me off the pace a little as well. I’m also worried that where I’m doing a re-write I’ve lost a little interest in the story as well.
It’s the cold though that I think has been the straw that has broken the camels back though. The other stuff I can normally deal with I think, its this cold that does me in. After a while I get a headache which feels like someone has wrapped my head in cottonwool. So, I’ve gone heavy into the treatment with cold and flu drinks and tablets. It’s the sixth for the month and I’ve not written anywhere near enough words, and that needs to change.

I will just say that last night I didn’t write anything. I sat down, and was ready to go, when I got a technical issue crop up. To be fair, it was only minor and very much my fault, but it took about half an hour to sort out. After doing all the little bits and pieces that I need to do of an evening it was gone 9pm when I was finally done, and I was too tired to start writing by that point.

Tonight I have nothing that should side-track me and I’m really determined to have a productive night writing.


4 thoughts on “Struggling A Little

  1. Honestly, I don’t bother trying write if I’m even slightly ill nowadays. More often than not, I simply end up staring at the screen in such cases, which obviously isn’t much good.

    Best of luck with your next session! Sounds like it’ll be a good one, from what you’ve said here.

    • Thanks, i hope it is. Ive only let it beat me a couple of times but i have a feeling that if id taken a couple bights off then i may have got the bug out of my system by now. A little too atubborn naybe 🙂

  2. I’ve had a bad cold too left over from last year but it’s on its way out. What a drainer though! I’ve felt so sluggish and slow to do everything – in the end I’ve realised it’s best to focus on getting well the sooner to catch up again. I hope you feel better soon and can use your rest time for thoughts and reflections for your writing.

    • Thanks Sarah. I’ve managed to knock out almost 1300 words tonight, but I am feeling it now. I think the trick may be to get my words written early and then rest the rest of the night. I don’t want to stop for too long at the moment as I don’t want to loose where I am in the story I’m writing.

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