Rolling For The Week

Tonight I’ve managed to get 988 words written. I should have gotten more done but I’ve been trying to figure out why my primary email account won’t let me send emails from any of my devices. Eventually I gave up and went to my Gmail backup.

I have receive some Beta Reader notes on a short story I’ve written. I was going to do look them over tonight but time has gotten away from me so that’s a job for tomorrow.

Now though, I’m off to watch a movie before I go to bed. I am feeling quite fired up again and I’m itching to get some words written, hopefully this week will be a productive one 🙂

2 thoughts on “Rolling For The Week

  1. I’ve been having that same problem with my primary email account for weeks. I have no idea what’s going on — which is something I have in common with the help desk folk and senior techs to whom I’ve presented the problem. It’s frustrating. Good to hear it hasn’t interfered much with your writing, though.


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