A Productive Day

I almost wrote 1400 words tonight, a lot of them felt pretty good as well. I seemed to be getting back into the rhythm pretty well now, although I fear I’ll have a lot of work to do on earlier parts of the book which are a little bare bones in comparison to what I’m producing now.

I also have had a good look through notes from Beta’s on a short story I wrote many months ago. Overall their notes focused on grammar, and I know this is an issue for me. Sometimes I’m a slow learning, but I am getting there. Grammar is something I mainly fix on the second draft but I’m slowly making myself get it right on the first draft. This is part of my aim to make my first drafts a lot cleaner than they have been in the past.

Something that has happened today also has been that I’ve had a number of ideas about current projects. Mainly for my work with Owen and what we’re looking at doing with the Project Apollo and it’s extending universe. Mostly it’s little, but important details.

Overall it’s been a pretty good day 🙂

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