Stepping Up A Gear: Research

Yesterday I wrote that I was planning to try and smash through these changes in last years NaNoWriMo piece, but as I began to work on it I found I got stuck very quickly and began seeing the problems I’ve had with it that I’ve struggled to correct. I’ve had a break from it for a few weeks due to personal life stuff and working on The Space Watch, and I was hoping that would have cleared my head a little with it but it didn’t.

I was on the verge of throwing in the towel, just giving up on this and consider it a trunk novel but I decided to have a chat with my friend and co-writer(on a different project) Chrystalyn and see what she thought. After a few messages she pointed out I needed to do some research to help my protagonists arc(the protagonist is the part I’m struggling with the most). Now, something so simple should be an obvious course of action for me, but my brain didn’t even come close to thinking I need to do that. So last night I began to do a little research. I’m still going to have to rewrite the entire begining of the story, but I had a laying-in-bed-trying-to-sleep idea that will help out the begining and give it a grounding that I think will be beneficial to the overall story.

With this turn of events and the realisation that I need to do more rewriting on this I’m not going to get it done by the time NaNo starts. I’ll be doing a half-arsed job and I’m trying not to do that. So I’m going to do the research and then figure out when I can work on it. I’ve got another couple of projects I’m getting excited by, but now I’m thinking both will need more research than I’d thought.

I’ve always known I’ve got to do better with research, now’s the time to step up a gear.

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