NaNoWriMo 2016: Day Fifteen

Day Fifteen was a good one, 2208 I think it was in the end and I’m at 24,421 words for the month.

I was a bit erratic with what I wrote yesterday. I almost went back and kind of started again. Throughout a lot of this draft I’ve been worried that it’s a little disjointed, it’s just not feeling right and I thought essentially going back and starting again. But then I realised something, one of the changes I made was to cut out a big part of the beginning that I had in the handwritten draft, and last night it struck me that without that it screws up the pacing of the whole story. I’ve not got the content in the early part of the story to sacrifice it, and I think the story looses some of its early world building and character development. So what I’m going to do is go back and insert those early scenes at the start of the story and hopefully it’ll fit in as nicely as it did when I wrote it initially. It may need some refining but hopefully it’ll replace that bit of depth its lost.

I am almost back on target now. If I have another 2000 word day I think I’ll be back on track.

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