7th February 2017

Today wasn’t to bad. I’ve done some more red-penning of The Space Watch and have written 547 words on Penal Earth in about forty-five minutes.

It wasn’t easy, writing tonight. Mainly, I feel tired and a little drained, but that’s when I’ve got to push through and get some work done. I know I feel better when I’m being productive, and one of the reasons I’m struggling for motivation at the moment is I’m having to do a lot of editing on Penal Earth to get it into a much better shape before I can carry on with the rest of the story. I feel a little like I started that tonight, but I’ve got to sit at my desk and work and not sit on my bed with my laptop open. I used to be able to work like that but I’m finding it so much easier to produce when I’m at my desk. I think some of it is environment. My bed is where I chill out, but my desk is in a room which is essentially my office. There’s no visual distractions in the room outside of a few ornaments, a book case and whatever windows I have open on my desktop. Even with those distractions I find it easier to focus on what I am doing, but I think if I can sit at this desk and work more often, then it’ll become second nature and I’ll be less distracted.

Right, I’m shutting down for the night. I’d like to get a couple of chapters of Savant by Nik Abnett read before bed.

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