Good Morning, Sunday – 23-4-17

This last week hasn’t been too bad. I got the short story I’ve written finished and off to Owen. I’ve made a little progress on the fanfic piece but have come to a piece which I didn’t think I’d have to rewrite but it’s not fitting into the rest of the story. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it generally as it is or rewrite it with different content.

I am going to be digging into these two short story submissions now I’ve finished the short story I was on.  I’ve been having sporadic ideas for both, but one in particular is really boiling up some ideas.

Today I’ve got to admit, I’m not planning on doing much writing. I’m planning on having a slack off day and playing some GTAV. I’m trying to vary what I’m doing in my spare time a little. I think making time to do a little gaming instead of just diving into a TV show or movie.

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