323 words this evening on the fan fiction piece and something I’ve really got to do is stop second guessing myself when I’m writing! Especially on a first draft. I’ve just got to go with my gut, and if what has made me second guess myself still jumps out when I’m editing it, then I look at it. Over-analysing is seriously hindering my pace and my self-confidence with what I’m writing. I know some of it is lack of knowledge but when it comes to these things I just need to write it and then do any additional research when I come to the second draft. I do want to get to the point where I’m doing the research before I do the writing but there’s always going to be those times when the writing goes off in a direction that I hadn’t expected and that’ll quite often lead to having to do research after the words have been written.

I am not picking up the pace as I would have liked to, I’m distracted and am struggling to get stuck into a piece. Everything I seem to be writing at the moment seems to be in small instalments, normally around the 300 words mark. I need to pick that up.

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