Unexpected Complications

This week hasn’t been the best of writing weeks, but I did manage to write 3903 words since this time last Sunday.

This zombie story has been a strange journey. I am getting close to wrapping it up, and it’s not even close to the length I was expecting it to be. I thought it would be about 30,000 words, but it’s only about half of that. I think I know how to make it bigger, but it’s all stuff for the second draft as I don’t want to stop till I’ve got the story done. Before I started writing I had a lot of character details which I haven’t used. I’ve got details about the outbreak which I haven’t covered as well. The characters have also come to life much more than I expected and I’ve got to put some of those traits in earlier on in the story.

The week ended on an unexpected complication. I can’t say what just yet, and I apologise for being vague, but I want to see how the dust settles before I put anything up on here. Regardless of which way that dust does settle though, it’s going to have an affect on my writing aspirations. This year alone I’ve now got to re-work what I was looking to do for the year, but it could have much longer consequences. It’s not as drastic as it seems though, just a case of figuring out what paths I want to take for the next couple of years with writing.

I feel like I’m at a crossroads at the moment, and my choices now are going to affect me for the next six months at least. I’ve made my mind up on the direction I’m going to take, and I hope it works out.

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