Good Morning, Sunday 27th August

This week hasn’t been productive with writing. Where I’ve done some decorating this last week I’ve not had any time in the evenings to write, not that I was doing a lot in the evenings before this week. That I will be planning to change this coming week. I’m still putting all the stuff back into my room so I think I’ll be spending today and tomorrow sorting that out. I’m a little OCD with a few things and I’d really like to get my movie collection put back into alphabetical order again. I’m going to merge DVDs and Blu-Rays as well. I did have the Blu-Rays on their own but I’d like to have my movie library in proper order.

I will make a little time to write over the next couple of days but once I’ve got my room back into order I’m going to make a concentrated effort to get more words a day written. At the moment I’m only doing at most three hundred words a day and I want to slowly bring that up to the thousand a day mark again. Writing longhand takes a little longer for me but hopefully it’ll be a better draft.

I did have some good writing related news last week that I’m really excited about and will share soon.

I’m looking forward to getting back into a little more of a regular routine this coming week. Between decorating and being a man down at work (colleague on vacation), this last week has been a busy one. So a little normality will be nice.

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