Sunday 1st of October 2017

This last week has not been nearly as productive as recent weeks. If I’m honest, I’ve had a bit of a slack off week.  A bad habit I’ve got is loosing momentum when I switch from writing to reviewing, editing or outlining. I tend to loose a week after when that happens, maybe a little longer.

That said, I have made a little progress. I like what I’ve got so far, and can see where I’ve got to expand it. What I am fighting at the moment is the urge to start typing it up. This is something I’ve done before, rushing ahead when I should be taking my time with it. So today I’m going to focus on getting this draft read through. I have made a ‘to-do’ list of what I’d like to get done today, although the read through is the most important part of it.

October is going to be a big and busy month for me and I’d like to hit the ground running.

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