June 3rd 2018

I wrote just over 1200 words today (just under a 1000 yesterday), in about three hours. Then I spent a good four hours on some promotional stuff.

I thought I’d written closer to 1500 words to be honest. I was a bit annoyed to see I hadn’t if I’m honest. I knew I wouldn’t hit the 2600 that I did on Monday but I would have liked to get a few more added. That said I need to appreciate that I was working this afternoon. The promotional part of being an author is an important element. From pretty much every writer I’ve heard talking on this matter you can’t just write and put books out and expect them to sale. We need to go to websites and blogs and talk about our books, our influences. The books, music, TV, movies etc. that we love. We need to go on podcasts and let people hear our voices. Now, this is so much fucking easier said than done. I’m going to feature in two web events this summer. The already announced Alice In Summerland on the fantastic Ginger Nuts of Horror website, and another which hasn’t yet been announced. (I’ve just remembered I promised a post to a friend for her website as well).While I’ve been working of these posts I’ve worried that I’m doing something wrong with it, but that is just my own insecurities rising to the surface as I haven’t done anything like this before, and I’ve got to trust myself a little more with it. I also know the more of these I do the more comfortable I’ll get with doing them, but I don’t want to get too comfortable with it. That little touch of fear will drive me to make sure I do the best I can.

I mentioned podcasts, and I think that is an area that is just going to keep growing over the next few years. Appearing on podcasts can be priceless if you choose the right ones. I’ve already got one in mind that I’d like to go on, but once I’ve got a few pieces out and up for sale. That is something that terrifies me, but I was anxious before doing the readings I’ve done and I think they turned out okay.

I’ve known for a long time that being an author isn’t just sitting and writing, but it’s not been until recently that I’ve began to appreciate some of what is involved in being an author. I’ve also only just scratched the surface.

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