20th of December 2018

Good evening! I have written 1138 words for the day and have managed to write one sentence that’s probably added another 3000 words to this story! As I said in the post for the 19th I’m working on the final scenes and this one sentence of dialogue has added a set piece that I hope I can pull off. When I think about it this was inevitable. I’ve made a couple of minor references to it earlier on and it works for how these scenes I’ve written recently have taken the story.

Right, midnight is in sight now and I am struggling to keep my eyes open. This month has been extremely hard to write in. Part of it is a hangover from NaNo but a big part of it is a few real life elements pulling my attention their way. My aim for the next couple of days is to get back into the rhythm of hitting a minimum of 1000 words a day. That said, that’ll go out the window on Saturday as I have plans Saturday night. But I’ll try to get as many words done before then as I can.

Rock on, everyone!

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