Good Morning, Sunday 3rd of February 2019

Editing has slowed up towards the end of the week, this is something that I’ve noticed over the years. So I’m not as far along as I’d have liked. I’d hoped to have been done on Friday but hopefully I’ll be done today after I’ve been to a write-in.

Once I’ve done the read through I’m going to get straight into making the changes. The sooner its done the sooner I can get it off to Beta Readers and then wait for their notes to come back.

Once it is off to Beta’s then I’ll be getting stuck into a small zombie collection I’ve been working on.

I think I’m nearing the end of the CS1 story that I’ve been working on, I know where I want to take it and I think it’ll end well.

That’s what I’ll be working on at the Write-In today, around the conversation that’ll no doubt be going on.

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