18th of February 2019

Good evening all. Just a flash post tonight. I’ve finished writing a story for my vampire collection. This one turned out to be an almost total rewrite. I kept the theme of the story but changed a lot of elements to it and hopefully it’s stronger. I’ve also got an idea for how to tie a connection in later on with the overall story arc.

I did hit 1347 words today. By far my best this month. I’m feeling guilty that I’ve not gotten more words written this year, but I’m trying to keep reminding myself that it’s going to be an editing heavy year. So I might not hit my 20k a month, but if I’m getting stories to a place where they’re ready to be published then that’s still progress.

My next job is to edit my zombie trifecta. Then once that is done I’ll work on another vampire story. Unless betas get there notes back to me then I’ll get those sorted out.

So much for a flash post tonight! Have a good one, everyone!

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